The Date

Pick a time of the year that best suits you. If you love the warm weather and despise the cold, it’s an easy decision to plan a summer wedding!

The Location

When choosing the location, think about how many guests you are inviting. If the location you choose is very big, it may seem empty if you have decided on a small group of guests. If the location is small, it may seem crammed. So think about the number of guests first, then look for suitable locations that are within your budget.

The Dress

The dress is a very important part of the big day! Allow enough time before your big day to go shopping AND to ensure that any alterations / adjustments can be made within a comfortable timeframe. Remember, the gown you decide on will most likely need to be ordered in, you may also need to have some minor alternations done to make the Dress of your Dreams a perfect fit. We recommend to our brides that they allow for 3 – 5 months for alterations to a gown, as some styles can be very delicate and / or include a lot of detail.

The Shoes

When getting your dress altered, its a good idea to have picked your shoes. You will want to wear your wedding shoes when getting your dress altered so that the dress can be altered with the height of your shoes being considered. At Dress of Dreams we have a wonderful collection of wedding shoes carefully picked for their elegance and comfort.

The Hair

If you are getting your hair done for the big day, make sure that you have your hair done weeks before hand to ensure that you like the style that you choose. Quick tip – Take a picture of the hair style just in case your hairdresser does not quite remember exactly how he or she did your hair the first time. On the big day, make sure you get your hair done with plenty of time left to get ready, but not too far in advance so that the hair style does not fall out. A few hours before should be just fine.

The Honeymoon

Make sure that you have packed a bag with your honeymoon essentials about a week leading up to the big day. You will have a lot of last minute details to focus on and packing a suitcase should not have to be one of them. You can always throw last minute items in the suitcase before you leave!