If you’re a Sex and The City fan, last month made things very interesting. The actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, better known as Carrie, has brought Sex and The City style to weddings. Naturally, we’ve been extremely excited to take a look, and guess what? They are beautiful!

The actress-turned-designer is expanding her SJP Collection line to include a range of satin heels for brides. This collection is a true mix between traditional wedding day styles and bright bold designs. Some are extremely delicate and strappy in classic cream and ivory, while others are purple, jade green, hot pink, turquoise and bright blue.

The on-screen fashion guru, Carrie Bradshaw finally married Mr Big wearing a pair of blue, jewel encrusted Manola Blahniks. SJP wore a simple black dress when she married real-life husband Matthew Broderick. Talking about her own experience, SJP told Martha Stewart Weddings: “If I were getting married today, I’d likely wear cream, just to have that bridal experience.”

This new range is available online at Nordstrom, and